Boomer Graphics & Signs is committed to creating high-quality vinyl printing services for small and commercial-sized businesses.

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Jerry Johnson

With a big heart comes, a strong leader. Spending every moment possible to communicate to the employees helps bring everyone together. A strong family is only as strong as its leader. We here at Boomer Graphics and Signs appreciate your time with us, and are happy to service you!

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Bernardo Dipalermo

We are a Team here at Boomers with one common goal in mind. To provide the best quality service for our customers! With our graphics team working hand and hand with our sales team we have a solid system that consistently is providing high-quality service for our customers. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer.

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Brieann Petrowicz
Production Manager

Simplicity is key and as a graphic designer, my passion will always be for my love of art. I want to make the world so much more of a creative and ever expansive place. I have many skills in design as well as skills in drawing, painting, animation, and photography. I am also an enthusiastic learner and a creative designer with exceptional flexibility, time management skills, and resourcefulness. When I’m not creating, you can either find me outside exploring or getting lost in one of my favorite shows or video games.

Chris Goyette
Lead Graphic Designer
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I've been a graphic designer for many years, and have no intentions of stopping. I can make amazing custom logos, ads, and love hiking, biking, writing, and creating.

Boomer Graphics and Signs is also partnered with Maskell Wraps, who specialize in wrap installation.